What Are Your Sun, Moon And Rising Signs?

How to awaken self-awareness?

In addition to constant introspection, you can also learn about your own personality traits, including external and internal, from your SunMoon, and Rising signs.


  1. Sun Sign

When we talk about zodiac signs in general, we refer to sun signs, determined by the date of birth, affecting our personality and external characteristics.

The sun represents the beacon of self-awareness in the heart and the source of the strength of individuality. The sun sign is a person's real physical and mental state, and the principle of action in the real world. It represents rational personality, thinking characteristics and willpower. It is defined from a psychological point of view: the self is the sun.

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  1. Moon Sign


The moon sign is the position of the moon at birth. Whereas the Sun sign reflects the more constant nature of a person's character, the Moon sign reflects a person's fluctuating moods, emotions, hidden fears, anxieties, motivations, desires, etc.

The quality of people's interpersonal relationships and their popularity are often invisible and intangible, commonly referred to as popularity, directly affected by the moon constellation.

The moon sign will not affect the performance of external personality, but it will affect personality formation; if the sun represents the true self, and the moon symbolizes the feelings and consciousness surrounding the self.

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  1. Rising Sign

The rising sign is the constellation that rose on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. To create an accurate birth table, you need to know your birth time to the nearest hour and minute, because the ascending symbols are fast-moving and can vary even by a minute. The Ascendant represents the true self of a person's personality, appearance and size.

The rising constellation is a gesture displayed to the world unconsciously, such as a mask, a costume. The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and other constellations are hidden behind this mask. In astrology, the Ascendant is the most camouflaged mask.

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